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Home » , » Kawaii Bear lets you plug USB gadgets into the wall

Kawaii Bear lets you plug USB gadgets into the wall

This walks a very delicate line between cute and just plain wrong.  Sure, the bear is absolutely adorable, however, the place to plug in the charger seems a bit unfortunate.  It might be better if they chose to plug him in at his mouth or even the center of the bear’s back. Yet for some reason they had to go for the rear, we’ll just think of it as an overly long tale.

This plug makes it possible to plug in all of your devices that usually require a USB port to charge.  There’s no shortage of adapters that make it possible to plug your USB gadgets into the wall, but none do it all the while being a pastel little bear.  It comes in not only the adorable pink, but in white and black as well.  In order to pick up your very own, it’ll cost you 1980 yen or about $9.  Of course it might be difficult since it is a Japanese product.

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