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Charge Both Your iPod and iPhone Simultaneously With iHome iP88

We all know that the iPod dominated the music player scene. Even other competitors was able to get hold of themselves and make a music player under their name. Then the iPhone was introduced and people can’t get enough of it that it ate a huge part of the smartphone and feature phone market share and revolutionized phones as we know it. So, what happened to consumers? It is either they have an existing iPod then sell it to get an iPhone and they’ve got themselves a phone and an iPod. But if you are like most of the people who already have an iPod then bought an iPhone without selling your iPod then you’re stuck with two devices competing for one speaker dock. Well not anymore if you get the iP88 music speakers dock from iHome.

For one, this speaker dock can charge both your iPod and iPhone at the same time. The alarm clock feature will wake you up at your custom playlist at different times, at different days. With the programmable snooze settings, you will have the freedom to extend your sleeping time in case you hate the common 7 minutes snooze. There are also digital AM/FM presets, EQ controls, and even 3D sound for an enhanced audio experience supplied by the Reson8 stereo speaker chambers.

The iHome iP88 supports every iPod from the iPod Mini up to the 4th Generation iPod Nano that has the video recording capabilities. As for the iPhone it supports both 2G and 3G version.

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