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Magnetic Elecom Memory Card Reader

Elecom has announced some new gadgets for you to enjoy, one of which is this card reader.  This cute little card reader will allow for you to keep your desk tidy and look great doing it.  As many additions as sometimes get added onto your computer, it’s always nice to find a small USB gadget that doesn’t cause even more clutter within your work area.

This one comes with a magnet on the back so that it can attach to metal objects you might have around.  Such as the side of a computer case, a magnetic dry erase board or even would attach to a mini fridge if you keep one of those underneath your desk.  Plus to top it off this card reader comes in great bright colors that’ll make it stand out from the boring gray and black electronics.  Although you’ll have to decide if the $27 price tag is a bit much for a card reader.

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