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Wooden Led Clock

A lot of gadgets are being created every single day. Scientists and investors work day and night just to create another great technology that would help mankind. Take the case of the gadget that I just found out a couple of days ago. I just found out the most weirdest alarm clock available in the market to date! Well, I was browsing the Internet for a new alarm clock. My alarm clock just broke a couple of days ago and I really need an alarm clock for my work. After an hour of checking cheap but unique alarm clocks in stores, I was able to find what is called Wood Led Clock. This piece of beauty was created by a Japanese company called Takumi . Anyway the alarm clock is in a form of a wooden block. When it is turned off you will not see any tinge of difference with a real wooden block. However, as you turn on the clock, the LED light appears and it will display the time. Since this is a normal alarm clock, though not it’s shape and structure, it still has a time adjustment knob and a power adapter which can be found on the back. However, because of the uniqueness of this weird gadget, the price of this thing cost $ 379 USD. Totally an expensive clock! But if you up for some quirky experience then having this gadget is definitely for you!After this wooden block, what will be the next alarm clock inspired gadget?

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