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Sega GenMobile

The Sega Genesis has been around a long time. Like Nintendo, the designers at Sega understand that individuals want the freedom of enjoying games outside of the home. The company created the Sega GenMobile to give consumers a new option in the portable gaming industry.

One of the first releases by Sega was a clunky device called the Nomad. With the Nomad, a person merely had to insert their Sega Genesis cartridge and being playing from anywhere. The Nomad was poorly designed and expensive.

Sega understood that future devices needed to be slimmer and better priced so the company designed the Sega GenMobile. Consumers who like to game on the run might be interested in the Sega GenMobile. The best thing about the Sega GenMobile is that the games are already programmed into the device. There are 20 official Sega games that are already built-in.

Although the Sega GenMobile was designed for the road, consumers can play with the game at home by connecting to their TV. The Sega GenMobile has a TV output connector device that allows the games to appear on the TV screen.

Some of the features of the Sega GenMobile include:

2.5” TFT Color Screen

Headphone Jack

Rechargeable battery with an AC adapter

AV Cable

FireCore compatibility

The Sega GenMobile comes in two colors, black or sonic blue. Gamers should expect to pay about $55 for the device.

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