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Ekahau T301W Wristband

In this age, people normally use a cell phone to track their child. Although this is sometimes a savvy decision, some parents are finding that their child is either losing their mobile phone or abusing the phone.  The Ekahau T301W wristband uses a Wi-Fi technology to pinpoint a child’s location information to a parent.  The Ekahau T301W wristband is small and waterproof which makes it even more attractive.

The Ekahau T301W wristband is not a GPS system, although it is similar. With a GPS system, it is possible to get off of the grid and become undetectable. The Ekahau T301W wristband was created so that parents could track their child from anywhere and the device works in places where there is no GPS coverage.  Consumers can expect to pay around $60 for the Ekahau T301W wristband.

Although the device would make a great buy for errant children, the designers of the Ekahua also had business owners in mind when they created the wristband. Business owners can use the Ekahau T301W wristband to track their visitors while they are on the premises. It may also be a good buy for rescue workers, underground workers, and even soldiers.  The accuracy of location embedded in the Ekahau T301W wristband allows the users of the band to get tracked within a few feet of their location. The battery on the device can last either a few weeks or a month depending on how often it is used.

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