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History of Video Recorders

Jerome Lemelson

Digital Handycam

A camcorder can be used to make memories for future generations to enjoy. Previously, the world of record and memory-keeping was limited to still pictures or text. Today, individuals can use camcorders to store actual events, as they take place. Capturing memories has never been quicker or simpler thanks to the invention of the high tech, video recorders that are seen in today’s world.

In 1980, the inventor by the name of Jerome Lemelson received the first patent on the now popular camcorder. He had tried to patent the idea in 1977, but the U.S. patent office rejected the idea, claiming that it was too far fetched. Little did they understand about the revolution that the video recorder would undertake in so short of a time frame. In addition to the invention of camcorders, Lemelson also invented components for the ATM, the barcode scanner, and the Walkman. The world of technology and digital video production has come a long way thanks to Jerome Lemelson and his incredible mind.

When a person thinks of camcorders, they most likely do not consider the internal components. Inside those small digital handycam recorders are many components, including a mini VCR. The handy cams are so tiny that one may have a hard time believing this, but in every type of camcorder, this crucial component exists. Also included inside is a CCD, which helps measure the light used to show the images, as well as lens and motors that deal with zoom, focus and aperture.

The camcorder was one of the most fascinating inventions to come around in a long time. With this invention, the world was given the opportunity to not only record the faces of people and the events of their lives, but to also capture the sounds of the events. As time goes on, a person’s memory fades and the voices of loved ones become a distant sound never to be heard again. With one of the many high definition video recorders on the market today, a person can capture a voice in time that will last for generations to come.

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