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Digital Camera : History

Camera is one of the best way to keep the memory of the old time. One can anytime take picture and just print it or keep it in computer so to keep safe his/her old memories.

Digital camera is one of the best creation done by the scientist’s. It was Steven J. Sasson who gave the final result by developing the complete Camera.In 1975 he began to start the research on the project which was given to him by his supervisor at eastman Kodak Company.He set about building the digital circuitry from scratch, using oscilloscope measurements as a reference.

In 1972 Texas Instruments introduced the first film-less electronic camera. In 1981 Sony released the Mavica, the first electronic still camera. Mavica recorded the still images to a mini disc, that could be read by a video recorder.

The true Digital camera arrived in 1986 it was a still camera.The Image sensor could record 1.4 million pixels and produce 5 x 7 photo print. However the camera was not used by many people because very less people could afford it as it was too costly at that time.

As the time passed, the advancement in the cameras took place at a very faster pace. Also, their prices started to reduce .

Since the mid 90s, the cost of Cameras has reduced to a significant amount, so that it can be afforded by the common man. The advancement in technology has has been rapid and so is the reduction in price. Nowadays, a person can afford more than 1 camera in a family. Also the cameras have started to come in the latest Mobile Phones which has even increased it’s popularity.

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