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New Toshiba UX600 LED TV features built-in Wi-Fi

Toshiba have just announced a brand spanking new LED backlit TV. Available in 40, 46 and 55 inch models, the UX600 sets itself apart from the crowd thanks to its built in Wi-Fi adaptor.

As this is a so-called "connected TV", a whole host of internet streams and feeds can be delivered straight to the set. There are widgets for YouTube, music streaming service Pandora and also image hosting sites such as Flickr.

There is also a customisable news Ticker within the TV's UI, which can be set to display a multitude of news feeds, weather updates, stock movements and Twitter updates.

The 1080p set will also feature movie streaming courtesy of VUDU. The on-demand film service has a catalogue of 1080p HD films that can sent straight to the UX600, each featuring 5.1 surround sound audio encoding.

In terms of picture quality, Toshiba boast that their "Pixel Pure 5G" engine optimises HD sources for maximum clarity, as well as enhancing standard definition sources. "ClearFrame" 120Hz technology will reduce the effects of motion-blur in fast action scenes, whilst a Gaming Mode ensures that there's little delay between controller inputs and the action on screen.

The Toshiba UX600 sets will launch in the US this month, with a starting price of $1,400. A UK release is expected to follow soon afterwards, with pricing yet to be announced.


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