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Home » » Samsung i8910HD Gold announced, comes soon to Europe and Middle East

Samsung i8910HD Gold announced, comes soon to Europe and Middle East

As we all know, designing a successful smartphone nowadays takes much more effort than it used to even a year ago. This time last year we had no iPhone 3GS, no HTC Hero, not even a single proper image of Palm Pre. Android was just raising his green head and Nokia hasn't yet sold a million of 5800s. Despite all that and considering the fact that Christmas time sales craze should start very soon, managers at Samsung decided they can do without revamping hardware and adding more functionality to software but replace some body panels. Body panels in question are from Samsung i8910HD, also known as OmniaHD, and they are substituted by golden ones.

I always thought of Samsung i8910HD as a good social networking mobile phone for youths. A fair Sidekick LX rival with its full physical QWERTY but more humble camera and price tag. No matter, replacing plastic with gold should make i8910HD Gold more appealing to… whom? Come to think of it, if I was on the market with my own money in search for a premium class mobile phone I'd walk straight to Nokia booth and grabbed something from 8xxx series, preferably an Erdos. For the last five years it was a yardstick for premium class cell phones. I'd consider i8910HD Gold as a present only. Yes, it's flashy and glamorous. I do like Champagne Gold styling, Luxury Brown is not so pretty by me, but you still get a leather case for it. For those interested, Samsung i8919HD sales will start soon in Europe and Middle East.

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