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The iTheater for everyone

If you wish to have a big-screen TV, but you do not have enough space for it or money you can buy this cool gadget. It is an iTheater that you can watch wherever and whenever you want.

It looks like glasses and is very lightweight but it has two small LCD screens and earphones built in. With help of his wonderful iTheater you can watch your favorite movie everywhere and the quality will be just like on a big-screen TV. You can connect this tool to every media you want: it can be a portable DVD player, or video i-pod, or computer and it will work just fine.

If you like gaming and cannot leave your play station at home you can take it with you and play your favorite games without disturbing anybody else. This gadget is very useful if you travel a lot because it is very light (just 3 ounces) and you can watch movies during the trips. You can even look through pictures or watch movies stored on your cellphone. Just plug the iTheater in and enjoy the clip, or movie.

I think that everybody should have a gadget like that because it makes our life more amusing and easy.

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