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Puppy-Doll Baby Monitor

Let your baby feel your presence every time you are not near or every time your baby falls asleep, with a high tech baby monitor which is at the same time so fluffy and cute. This gadget is so called the wireless poppy doll baby monitor.

It is a lovely soft toy, a smart one as it has a little 2.4 GHz camera hidden in its nose that transmits pictures directly to the 2.4 GHz receiver.Its SMA antenna is 50 ohm and the receiving sensitivity is more than 85 dBm. Has 4 available channels and a 90 mw speaker’s output.You will even discover that it is easy to use, has a convenient DC rechargeable LI – Battery for the power source and even a volume and brightness control. A bunch of cool features in one small 128 * 75 * 30 mm smart gadget. In addition, its description does not stop here, as its main purpose is a hidden camera. It has a quarter of an inch CMOS image device, a 628*582 (PAL) and a 510*492 (NTSC) TV system. Its own horizontal definition reaches 380TV lines, the angular field of view is 62 deg.

Also has a built in microphone, and automatic backlight compensation, an internal synchronization system, a minimum illumination – 1.5 lux/ F1.5 and 8V power adapter. The advisable range for objects it shoots is 1 - 8 M 10M max.Every parent will love it, as they can have their eyes on their kids even being 100M away.

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